Sep 16
Video marketing: The Impact of the Apple Launch

Diarmaid Mac Mathuna

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With the controversy over U2’s free-if-you-want-it-or-not album gathering momentum, I thought it would be interesting to take a look at another side to the Apple launch last week that hasn’t been getting too much attention: its impact on video marketing. Here’s my round up of three ways the Apple launch will influence video marketing:

    1. Wider viewing angle: One of the biggest improvements of the iPhone 6 isn’t its bigger size – it’s the wider viewing angle. This means that its now easier to share a viewing experience with other people because they can see your screen easier. This creates an opportunity for marketers to produce video content that people will want to watch together. Of course, that’s always the way TV content has been, so now agencies can use their tried and trusted skills to shake up the world of mobile video marketing by creating more videos that people will want to watch together.
    2. Slow motion: The inevitable popularity of the new super slow motion features of the iPhone 6 are likely to increase the demand for slo-mo shots in all types of videos. This will create technical challenges for video producers because not all professional level cameras can shoot the required high frame-rates. But in the same way that the GoPro sports camera has changed the types of shots people now expect to see, the new prevalence of slow motion footage from the iPhone 6 is going to influence viewer expectations.
    3. Video-rich launch website: The official Apple site became an immersive, video rich site for the Apple Watch and iPhone launch with enticing “watch the film” calls to action all over it. These aren’t just short films either – some of them feel like several videos stitched together and run to around six minutes. Apple’s Jony Ive and the other interviewees have also been hidden from view with all the emphasis on beautifully rendered 3D models of the products. As people follow this digital marketing trend set by Apple, we can expect to see more websites that are full of video used for online video marketing. The videos themselves will also likely feature a lot less interviewees, with more hero shots of products as people try to match Apple’s style.


These are three of the ways I expect last week’s Apple launch to have an influence on video marketing. U2’s still to be revealed TV ad for Apple (secretly shot in Dublin) might also shake things up for the better – just as long as it’s not pushed to everyone’s phones overnight as a surprise.

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