Social media marketing has become a competitive space and Woodie's Ireland wanted to stand out from the crowd and bring something unique to their fans. As a retailer of DIY, Home Improvement and Gardening, Woodie’s is a place that canhelp people make the most of where they live. Their committment to all things‘homely’ was the driving force behind their rebranding from Woodie’s DIY to Woodie’s.Woodie’s approached Agtel in 2014 with one mission, to inspire their customers in aninnovative and creative way that would compliment the evolution of their brand.We worked with Woodie's to develop the creative and produce a series of six second Vine videos for promotion across Twitter and Facebook. The quirky stop motion style Vines have been great fun to make and have been a huge hit with social audiences.  High engagement rates and positive sentiment around the Vines are helping Woodie's build their brand presence across social channels. As part of the campaign, we also developed TV sponsorship stings for Woodie's sponsorship of RTE's Super Garden.