Mention the Irish language to Irish people and you're likely to get a mixed reaction. Scary school teachers obsessed with grammar and Peig Seyers spring to mind. Bernard Dunne's Bród Club, a TV, digital and social media campaign was all about encouraging us "back on the capall", to start using the few words we do have and begin enjoying our native tongue again.Fronted by former world champion boxer Bernard Dunne this multi media campaign was conceived, produced and led by our television arm Independent Pictures with specialist input from Agtel, Refresh and Stillwater Communications. The campaign harnessed the power of social media to get the Bród message out to a wide audience on TV, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Personalised videos enabled users to find out what Peig Seyers really thinks of them, and share their video with friends online. Other innovative channels included a teaser billboard campaign fronted by Mr World, flash mobs on Grafton Street, sponsored events by many Irish brands including Barry's Tea and Bank of Ireland and even Irish Pride's sponsored "Tósta Mór" bread packaging. This really was a multiscreen campaign with a difference and it was nominated in two categories in the 2013 Social Media Awards.